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 About Us

NWTC will provide all learners the highest quality, life-long learning opportunities.

Why Choose NWTC?

Let's stick with the factsstarting with 42,000.

That's the approximate number of students NWTC serves every year. There's good reason for that.

Students want access to advanced technology and state-of-the art facilities. That's where NWTC rivals many others
in the statein some casesthe country.

The same with our instructors. They're recognized throughout the higher education system. They're respected in their fields.
And just as important, our students give them high marks too.

What are our students saying?

It all adds up

There are more than 200 other reasons students choose NWTC:

  • 100+ degrees, diplomas and apprenticeships.
  • 80+ certificates.
  • 28 colleges and universities with which we have transfer agreements.

Another fact:

It's not how much you spend on your education that matters most. It's what you get from your investment.

At NWTC, our graduates have a highmake that a very highemployability rate. It's just one more reason to choose NWTC. 
Take a look and find out why NWTC is a smart choice for you.